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We use Hiperlon fiber only

Hiperlon properties:

Hiperlon is truly heat-resistant fiber, and it is the best fiber on the market besides human hair. Its price is higher than any other kind of synthetic fiber.
It can stand at a high temperature of 400℃, with a natural shine, not fake light reflection. Synthetic fiber it can’t be dyed with regular hair dye ( regular hair dyes only work on human hair) but you can use fabric dyes or FW inks to color your wig.

Hiperlon fiber has two kinds of textures after being made into wigs. It can be rough for easy spike styles or become smooth for easily manageable styles. These two kinds of textures are made on the basis of the same fiber and reprocessed in accordance with the length and styles for different effects.

Hiperlon advantages:

► Soft-touch and natural gloss without light reflection, so it looks very natural and authentic under all kinds of lamplights, and it is also suitable for daily wearing.
► The touch and roughness are very similar to human hairs, and it is a little thicker and stiffer than some other fibers, so it has a rougher touch.
► It can stand a high temperature of 400℃ for easy modeling, so a hair drier, curling iron, and straightener can be used without hurting fibers.
► The long lifespan ensures easy take care of and preservation, its lifespan can be properly extended with love and care after multiple uses.