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Package delay announcement

Thank you so much for your supporting and understanding! The shipping time has roughly resumed back to 2-3 working days from the 27th-28th, please feel free to place the order!

Also, we've started receiving new stocks from the factory, there are a lot of new wigs gonna be released soon!

Last updated: [ Aug 29, 2023]

Dear customers,

Due to the impact of Typhoon Doksuri earlier this month, our city was hit by floods, part of the orders were damaged and missing after flood waters devastated since they were not got transported out in time because flights cancelled under continued heavy rains for several days

The shipping company was on the ground floor near the city suburb, they were affected quite severely, the staff took some time to count and report losses. We have prepared and sent replacements out from the 18th -21st of August in succession.

If your order still has no new status in the recent few days, please feel free to contact us through order message/website message or email: [email protected].

Damaged power cables, network towers, and other facilities are under repair, we were not able to use internet stably for a while, now basically restored, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused!

[ We did not intend to mention this publicly at first, it's not a good news, you guys come to purchase wigs, we shouldn't bring you such a piece of unpleasant news. We only wanted to resolve and repair damaged things speedily and informed customers whose orders got affected, but there were customers very doubtful about our explanation, we understand this might sound ridiculous, so we posted an announcement here, also, attached a few random news articles below.
https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/8/11/floods-in-chinas-northern-hebei-province-kill-29-as-new-storm-expected ]

Kind Regards,
Kasou Wig Team

Aug 24th, 2023